Learn Mandarin: Peppa Pig S01E03 Part 1

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Mandarin transcript (in pinyin and characters) for Peppa Pig S01E03 “Best Friend” Part 1:

  • zuìhǎo de péngyou
  • pèiqí zài děng tā zuìhǎo de péngyou xiǎoyáng sūxī.
  • nǐhǎo ā, sūxī. nǐhǎo ā, pèiqí.
  • xiǎoyáng sūxī lái zhǎo pèiqí wánr le.
  • pèiqí xǐhuan sūxī. sūxī yě xǐhuan pèiqí.
  • tāmen shì zuìhǎo de péngyou.
  • pèiqí, nǐ wèishénme bùhé sūxī qù nǐde wòshì wánr?
  • hǎo de, māma.
  • qiáozhì yě xiǎng yìqǐ wánr.

  • 最好的朋友
  • 佩奇在等她最好的朋友小羊苏西。
  • 你好啊,苏西。你好啊,佩奇。
  • 小羊苏西来找佩奇玩儿了。
  • 佩奇喜欢苏西。苏西也喜欢佩奇。
  • 她们是最好的朋友。
  • 佩奇,你为什么不和苏西去你的卧室玩儿?
  • 好的,妈妈。
  • 乔治也想一起玩儿。

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Show Notes for Learn Chinese with Peppa Pig Season 01 Episode 03 Part 1

zuìhǎo de péngyǒu
最好 的 朋友
Best Friend

  • 最好的 = zuìhǎo de, means Best. Commonly used to describe a person, like the best teacher, the best friend, etc. 最 = zuì, means most. 的 = de, a light sound, often indicates the word is an adjective.
  • 朋友 = péngyǒu, means Friends. The you sound is light even though in official pinyin, it’s yǒu. In Chinese there is no distinction between single and plural nouns. While you’re learning Chinese, you’ll make new friends, so remember this word!

pèiqí zài děng tā zuìhǎo de péngyou xiǎoyáng sūxī.
佩奇 在 等 她 最好的 朋友 小羊 苏西。
Peppa is waiting for her best friend Suzy Sheep.

  • 佩奇 = pèiqí, the Chinese name of our protagonist Peppa Pig.
  • 苏西 = sūxī, the Chinese name of Suzy Sheep.
  • 小羊 = xiǎoyáng lamb or sheep. 小 xiǎo means small or litte. 羊 = yáng, refers to sheep or goat which use the same word in Chinese.
  • 她 = tā, she. In Chinese, Ta could refer to either gender. There is no difference in the sound. 她的 = tāde, means her or hers. However in this case, 她最好的朋友 = tā zuì hǎo de péngyǒu means her best friend, 的 following 她 is omitted.
  • 在 = zài, doing something
  • 等 = děng, to wait. 在等 means waiting.

nǐhǎo ā, sūxī. nǐhǎo ā, pèiqí.
你好啊,苏西 你好啊,佩奇
Hello, Suzy. Hello, Peppa.

  • 你 = nǐ, you.
  • 好 = hǎo, good.
  • If you are interested in learning Chinese, you’ve probably learned 你好 which means Hello. With the “a” sound in the end, the expression sounds more casual.

xiǎoyáng sūxī lái zhǎo pèiqí wánr le.
小羊 苏西 来 找 佩奇 玩儿 了
Lamb Suzy has come to play with Peppa.

  • 来 = lái, to come.
  • 找 = zhǎo, to look for or find.
  • 玩 = wánr, to play. Usually pronounced with Er at the end, read about how to use er-coloring in my focused article.
  • 了 = le, indicates something has already happened.
  • A来找B do something, common expression to say Person A has come to find person B for doing something.

pèiqí xǐhuan sūxī. sūxī yě xǐhuan pèiqí.
佩奇 喜欢 苏西, 苏西 也 喜欢佩奇
Peppa likes Suzy. Suzy likes Peppa, too.

  • 喜欢 = xǐhuan, to like. Super commonly used word. You can like pretty much anything. In official Chinese pinyin, 欢 has the first tone, but the huan sound is light.
  • 也 = yě, also, too.

tāmen shì zuìhǎo de péngyou.
她们 是 最好的 朋友
They are best friends.

  • 她们 = tāmen, they. In official Chinese pinyin, the 们 sound is light.
  • 是 = shì, is/are/am. Generally means affirmative.

pèiqí, nǐ wèishénme bù hé sūxī qù nǐde wòshì wánr?
佩奇,你 为什么 不 和苏西 去 你的卧室 玩儿?
Peppa, why don’t you go to your bedroom with Suzy?

  • 你的 = nǐde, yours. Sometimes you can omit the 的.
  • 为什么= wèishénme, why. At two or three years-old, your toddler would be repeating this word.
  • 不 = bù, no.
  • 为什么不 = wèishénme bù, Why don’t… Check out my detailed explanation of 为什么 in an article.
  • 和 = hé, together with.
  • 去 = qù, to go.
  • 卧室 = wòshì, bedroom.

hǎo de, māma.
Sounds good, mom.

  • 好的 = hǎo de, sounds good
  • 妈妈 = māma, mom

qiáozhì yě xiǎng yìqǐ wánr.
乔治 也 想 一起 玩儿。
George wants to play (with them) too.

  • 乔治 = qiáozhì, the Chinese name of Peppa Pig’s brother George Pig.
  • 想 = xiǎng, to want. Also means to think. Check out my article discussing 想 vs 要 vs 想要.
  • 一起 = yìqǐ, together. Here, the sentence implies that George wants to play together with them even though the sentence doesn’t make a reference to them. The full sentence could be 乔治想和她们一起玩 = qiáozhì xiǎng hé tāmen yīqǐ wán.

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