Can you speak like a native Mandarin speaker? Inspired by Peppa! Question set 1

By now, perhaps you’ve gone through a few episodes using PPM. It’s about time to test your knowledge of colloquial Chinese and review!!

If you have looked around this site, you’ve probably noticed that I like to tie everything back to Peppa Pig. This time would be no different.

Here are ten questions for your entertainment. All the answers can be found in the transcripts or show notes. Please post your partial or complete answers in the comments!

  1. Translate to Chinese: George was scared silly.
  2. Fill in the blank: What’s the relationship between Peppa Pig & George Pig and chocolate cake? 佩奇和乔治__________巧克力蛋糕了
  3. What does “看不了” mean in “没有眼镜,猪爸爸根本看不了报纸?” How is it different from “看不见? ”
  4. Translate to English: “妈妈,为什么不管奶奶说什么波利都会跟着说呢?”
  5. Translate to Chinese: “Peppa, why don’t you go play in your room?”
  6. Answer in Chinese: 佩奇和乔治帮爸爸找眼镜都找了哪儿了?
  7. Translate to English: “你越吃越多,你的肚子就越变越大”
  8. Fill in the blank: 别担心,玩儿游戏__________
  9. Answer in Chinese: Where was Daddy Pig when the rest of the family were shooting videos using their new movie camera?
  10. Translate to Chinese: “This is harder than I imagined!”

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