How I came up with the PPM

In this post, I want to share my own language learning experiences and how they shaped the four step method, aka the PPM, at Kong Long Mandarin. The best way to learn any language including Chinese is to acquire the language, don’t be taught. Below you can see some of the techniques I used to … Read more

How long does it take to learn Chinese? The first 20 hours matter the most.

If you’re asking the question “How long does it take to learn Chinese?”, you may find answers like, it takes 10,000 hours, or it takes five years, or 2000 days.

There is only one good answer to this question: The first 20 hours matter the most. You’re probably asking “how long does it take to learn Chinese” before you’ve done anything except researching about learning Chinese. You’re probably scared of getting started.

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Speech Shadowing, practicing speaking Mandarin the classic way

Use speech shadowing to improve your Chinese listening and speaking skills!

Speech Shadowing is a magical technique for practice listening and speaking skills when you’re learning a new language, any language.

Here, I’ve made it easier for you to practice the technique for learning Chinese. Learn to speak Chinese by speech shadowing with Peppa Pig!!

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3 Effective Methods to Practice Speaking Chinese Alone using Peppa Pig or any other Mandarin show

Have you wondered “Is it even possible to practice speaking Chinese alone?” or “Do I have to hire a Chinese tutor?”

There are numerous ways to find Chinese tutors online or offline. It’s easy. I am sure many of them are great. If you have the budget, go for it! However, here, I want to talk about how to practice speaking Chinese ALONE.

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