Learn Mandarin: Peppa Pig S01E07 Part 4

This is a good segment for practicing listening comprehension in Chinese and test yourself on how much you’ve learned from previous Peppa Pig episodes on Learn Chinese with Peppa Pig. Most of the vocabulary and grammar points have been covered before.

If you don’t understand (almost) everything, you know you haven’t maximized how much you can learn on Learn Chinese with Peppa Pig!!

This is also the last segment of S01E07, as there were lots of breaks between dialogues. I have already selected the next episode to write about!

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Learn Mandarin: Peppa Pig S01E07 Part 3

If you are using a computer which I am sure you are, you gotta watch this segment to learn some highly practical expressions related to computers in Chinese. I probably got too ahead of myself while writing the notes – they are very detailed and long!

There are numerous useful Chinese expressions in this segment such as something having a malfunction, turn off the computer, to fix something, being good at something (if you are a beginner Chinese learner, may I suggest a way to say “I don’t speak Chinese very well”?). Too many to list. I am sure you can take away a few things from this segment.

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Learn Mandarin: Peppa Pig S01E07 Part 1

This segment brilliantly illustrates how to practice sentence building!! I alluded to that in my article on how to practice speaking Chinese alone. I will surely talk about it over and over again in the future. There are natural repeats and similar sentence structures used with slight variations. It’ll really drill the key sentence structures into your head.

I thought I had to cover this episode because it’s so relevant to today’s world in a pandemic! If you are working from home and have young children, I am sure you can relate to this episode.

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