I am Gwen, aka Ms. Kong Long (恐龙姐姐), born and raised in Beijing, China and now living in Canada with my husband and two kids. I have a full-time job that has nothing to do with language learning.

Through this project, I want to help you learn to communicate in spoken Mandarin Chinese, based on my own language learning experiences.

Kong Long Mandarin is a reincarnation of Learn Chinese with Peppa Pig, which was taken down due to copyright notice regarding its domain name. Over time, this new website may grow into something more than “Learn Chinese with Peppa Pig” because now it is simply Kong Long Mandarin. *ROAR*

I started watching Peppa Pig with my almost-three-year-old daughter. I always feel guilty for letting her watch shows. With her preschool closed due to COVID-19, we’re watching shows at home more than usual. One day, I came up with the idea that she should watch the Mandarin Chinese dubbed version of Peppa Pig so she could learn my mother tongue and eventually become bilingual. She showed a great interest. Shortly after, I realized I could generalize and improve the method to help people learn Chinese as a second language. I started building this site right away.

Special thanks:

  • All the dinosaur icons are made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com.
  • Ahron for his passion for learning Mandarin and unwavering support for this project.
  • Joel, Andrey and Jason for improving my custom Javascript media player in the early days.
  • All of you who supported me since Learn Chinese with Peppa Pig.

Please feel free to leave a message or report a problem below!

25 thoughts on “About”

  1. 喂恐龙姐姐!

    Found this from Reddit. Thank you for creating this website! I speak basic mandarin, didn’t practice for years, and now I’m starting to practice again with Peppa Pig. It’s shocking how many basic words I didn’t know for everyday speech!

    I’m watching Peppa Pig for a while now without Mandarin subtitles, which is a challenge, so I’m glad this site exists to go through words slowly! Definitely keep up the lessons, and hope this project of yours grows 🙂

    • Hello, Yes children’s shows can be humbling and extremely useful for a language learner. I’m glad you’re practicing and your efforts will pay off! Btw it’s kinda rude to say 喂 when you’re addressing someone. You may want to try “恐龙姐姐好!”

      • Oh really? 😅 This just goes to show how out of touch I am with my mandarin, but really, we appreciate what you’re doing here! I have practices reading & writing 50+ words so far with your site. Here’s to another 50 to practice! 😃

  2. Hi Ms. Kong Long,

    Apparently there is more than one version of Peppa Pig dubbed in Chinese! I noticed that the KongLongMandarin transcript for Daddy’s Movie Camera did not match the episode I was watching – there were plenty of discrepancies between the transcript and the episode.

    However, viewing the same episode on KongLongMandarin, the transcript and the episode magically match. Apparently there are different dubbed versions of Peppa Pig! What’s going on?

    Love your website, very helpful. Thank you.


  3. Greetings from Halifax! I got here from Chinese Zero To Hero. I’m glad they recommended this amazing resource! Appreciate all your work!! Love your site, keep it up.

  4. This is seriously soo helpful with learning wish I discovered this site sooner. Are you planning on just doing P. Pig or will you also do some other cartoons like Doraemon?

    • I started with Peppa Pig because my daughter loves it and it’s funny and practical. I haven’t thought too much about other shows but yes I would like to expand to others. They’d have to be available for free on YouTube.

  5. hey Gwen,

    when I “bought you a coffee” and recieved the link to download the audio for episode 2, it sent me to your old website domain, and forwards me to a dodgy website. So have a look and check the link below

  6. This is great! It’s very helpful even for a non-beginner to build up vocabulary and listening practice!
    Just one request, could you perhaps also provide the text in traditional characters, if only at the head of each article? Thank you!

  7. This is amazing. I’d pay money for this if you turned it into a podcast or something. And it doesn’t have to be peppa pig, if copyright becomes an issue again … any story you make up would do. Awesome job and 谢谢你!

  8. Thank you so much for building this site. I was shocked the previous website was taken down. The new site, I must say, is very clean with GeneratePress. Yet the content is magnificent! Chinese Zero to Hero refers your website as an additional resource and I love every minute spending on this website. Please keep up the great work!

    • Yes I was a total noob when I set up the original site – I picked “just pink” theme for the color. 😛 Now I know (a bit) better. I am glad you found the site valuable. Keep practicing!

  9. Glad that you started up again! You’re helping so many people learn Mandarin in such an immersive way. Hopefully new lessons will start up soon.

  10. Wow, very happy to see this new site! I loved the old site and found it to be more useful than any other for learning Mandarin. Unfortunately, I found it just a couple of days after the announcement that it was being taken down…So I was pretty disappointed about that. Very glad to see that you were able to save it — and thank you for all of your hard work building all of this excellent content!

    • So glad to hear that you find the material helpful – that’s why I started the project and I wanted to help people learn Mandarin!! I am still in the process of migrating the old site over so some links are still broken. Start practicing with what’s there and keep me posted!

  11. Hi, Gwen! Nice to meet you and I’m sooooo happy and glad to find this hompage.
    This method is what I really want to try. 🙂 Thank you so much.
    I’m sure that it really help me!
    But I have a question. 🙂
    My English is not good, so I worry if you understand me…. anyway…my question is..
    How long do I have to repeat and study for the each part?
    until I can speak natural and fluently? or until I memorize the sentences?
    I don’t care how long it takes, but it’s first time to study Chinese for me, so I want to know the right way.

    and happy new year!


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