Guide to Binge-watching Peppa Pig Mandarin Chinese Dub

Deliberate, active listening is hugely important for learning the Chinese language (or any language!). However, binge-watching Chinese shows can help you improve your 语感 or “sense of the language”. What do I recommend? Well, Peppa Pig Mandarin Chinese dub. =P

I actually enjoy watching Peppa Pig with my daughter, even though I’ve watched many of the episodes many times. Don’t force yourself if Peppa Pig isn’t your thing. There are plenty of other Chinese shows around (feel free to share your recommendation!).

I think Peppa Pig is simple, practical and fun, so I hope you can start here! Don’t underestimate children’s shows!!

I don’t know if anybody else has studied these videos as much as I have by now. Some days I feel like I can write a couple research papers on Peppa Pig.

So I thought I should share with you how to navigate the official Chinese Peppa Pig channel and recommend a few videos with my comments.

Where can I find Peppa Pig Mandarin Chinese Dub?

Peppa Pig Mandarin Dub has an official YouTube channel: 小猪佩奇 中文官方 – Peppa Pig. (Please try to support the creators by avoiding any other users’ uploads!)

On the channel, most videos are about one hour long. That is by design because the channel is geared towards young children, and it is recommended that children don’t watch videos for too long, usually not longer than one hour.

These one hour videos are perfect for binge-watching and getting some passive listening practice in.

In particular, these videos on YouTube don’t have Chinese or English subtitles. (I heard Netflix does have the subtitles.) Even if you can find subtitles, of if one day the channel or YouTube adds subtitles, I recommend that you avoid them! Subtitles take away the listening comprehension practice.

Which videos should I watch for practicing passive listening in Chinese?

There are so many videos!! Which ones are worth watching? They are all good. But I have a few general tips.

Tip #1: Go for 全集合集 or full-length episodes

This is my most important tip.

If you pay attention to the titles, you’d notice they usually have either “全集合集” or “精选合集” in the title.

I would highly recommend you go for “全集合集” rather than “精选合集”. Since the former are collections of full length episodes, while while the latter are only collections of highlights.

Note that they have a playlist called “全集合集” but the playlist is actually a combination of both collections of full-length episodes and highlights. False advertising!!

Since I’m advocating for learning Chinese through contexts, I believe it’s way better to watch full episodes with complete stories (unless you’re doing deep dive repeats on Kong Long Mandarin. Even then, I try to include small self-contained scenarios in my segments.)

Tip #2: Don’t care about the order of the episodes

Within each forty-minute to hour-long video, there are nine or fourteen episodes of Peppa Pig, each about five minute long.

The order of these episodes don’t necessarily follow the order of broadcasting. It doesn’t matter, because the episodes can be watched independently, there is no particular orders to follow.

(Similarly, I strive to make each post on Learn Chinese with Peppa Pig independent of each other, so one doesn’t have to follow a particular order when they’re going through the posts.)

Occasionally new characters get introduced. So you may have the urge to try to watch the intro episodes first. Well, it’s not critical! You will be able to figure out who they are. Almost all the characters are kids in Peppa or George’s daycare and their relatives.

This isn’t a mystery drama. You will be okay.

Tip #3: Repeat just a few of the hour long videos as much as possible

Even if you’re binge-watching, I highly recommend you watch just a few repeatedly in order to reap the benefits of repeats. Repeats are so incredibly important!!

Children love repeats and that’s how they acquire the language! It’s the same for everybody else.

Every time you repeat something you’ve watched or listened to before, you will consolidate what you’ve learned, and learn a few more things! I promise.

If you want to binge-watch, start with a few collections from Season one!

The reason why I started with season one is simply because that’s what I started watching with my daughter and I started writing show notes for season one. If I make it to the later seasons, I will certainly write about them!

Guide to Peppa Pig Mandarin Chinese Dub Season One

Here I’ve included all the collections of full-length episodes from season one that I found on the YouTube channel. There are overlapping episodes in these videos.

If you’ve been doing Chinese practice here at Kong Long Mandarin. You’re no strangers to the episodes in this video!

Episodes included in this collection: (As you can tell right away, some of these episodes are not actually from the first nine episodes as the title of the video suggests. I have no idea why they did that.)

  • S01E03 Best Friends
  • S01E04 Polly Parrot
  • S01E09 Daddy Loses His Glasses
  • S01E50 My Birthday Party
  • S01E46 At the Beach
  • S01E02 Mr Dinosaur is Lost. Mr Dinosaur is introduced in this episode! This is an awesome episode for practicing transcribing if you’ve studied S01E09 Daddy Loses His Glasses.
  • S01E01 Muddy Puddles
  • S01E03 Best Friends (Yes this episode shows up twice in this collection!)
  • S01E41 Chloe’s Puppet Show. BTW, Chloe was introduced in S01E28.

I am a fan of this collection. It covers a wide range of topics and all the episodes are good.

Episodes included in this collection:

  • S01E19 New Shoes
  • S01E20 Bicycles
  • S01E09 Daddy Loses His Glasses
  • S01E24 Treasure Hunt
  • S01E22 The Tooth Fairy. BTW The tooth fairy isn’t a thing in China, but the episode explains what a tooth fairy is.
  • S01E18 Dressing Up
  • S01E11 Hiccups
  • S01E08 Piggy in the Middle
  • S01E05 Hide and Seek
  • S01E15 Picnic
  • S01E17 Frogs and Worms and Butterflies
  • S01E07 Mummy Pig at Work, learn some words about computers!
  • S01E03 Best Friends
  • S01E14 Flying a Kite

Episodes included in this collection:

  • S01E21 Mummy Pig’s Birthday. You can do transcribing exercise together with S01E50. Both birthday themed.
  • Gardening
  • S01E01 Muddy Puddles
  • S01E06 The Playgroup. The teacher Madame Gazelle and friends at daycare were introduced!
  • S01E13 Secrets
  • S01E04 Polly Parrot
  • S01E16 Musical Instruments. It’s a good episode to learn names and verbs associated with musical instruments.
  • S01E02 Mr Dinosaur is Lost
  • S01E30 Babysitting
  • S01E33 Cleaning the Car
  • S01E37 The Tree House. I would say learning about tree houses isn’t too practical for Chinese but it is a useful episode for learning etiquette for going into somebody’s home.
  • S01E45 Daddy Puts up a Picture
  • S01E50 My Birthday Party
  • S01E52 School Play. I am not a fan of this episode for learning Chinese, even though the story of 小红帽 is very well-known in China too.

This collection is following the order of the series as the title suggests.

Episodes included in this collection:

  • S01E43 Tidying Up
  • S01E44 The Playground I am not a fan of the translation of playground to “操场”
  • S01E45 Daddy Puts up a Picture
  • S01E46 At the Beach
  • S01E47 Mister Skinnylegs
  • S01E48 Grandpa Pig’s Boat
  • S01E49 Shopping. Good episode to learn common food names.
  • S01E50 My Birthday Party
  • S01E51 Daddy’s Movie Camera
  • S01E52 School Play

This collection is also following the order of the series as the title suggests. Not a huge fan of this collection because my daughter is scared by a couple episodes.

  • S01E15 Picnic
  • S01E16 Musical Instruments
  • S01E17 Frogs and Worms and Butterflies
  • S01E18 Dressing Up
  • S01E19 New Shoes
  • S01E20 The School Fete
  • S01E21 Mummy Pig’s Birthday
  • S01E22 The Tooth Fairy
  • S01E23 The New Car. This episode scares my daughter. I don’t think it’s a good episode for repeats.
  • S01E24 Treasure Hunt
  • S01E25 Not Very Well. This episode also scares my daughter because of Peppa’s sickness.
  • S01E26 Snow. You can learn a bunch of terms related to snow and snowman in this episode.
  • S01E27 Windy Castle. This episode is more about the journey to get to the Windy Castle. I had no idea what a ”风息堡” is until I watched this episode.

Call to Action

All Chinese language exposure is good exposure. Don’t feel bad about binge-watching!

With that said, practicing active listening is way more effective for learning the Chinese language. Please feel free to transcribe any of the episodes yourself. I would be happy to review!